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Welcome to Flower Valley!


Welcome to the Flower Valley Citizens’ Association web site.
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Happy Holidays and New Year!

The Flower Valley community is located in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. and dates its beginnings from 1965.  An area rich in history since before the civil war, it is comprised of 690 single-family homes on a site originally a family-owned farm.  Flowers and trees named our streets, lending tranquility to the neighborhood that prevails today.  We are located near major arteries providing quick access to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD., yet maintain a small-town atmosphere.  Our community is multi-demographic and a small number of homes are available for resale during the year.  A neighborhood pool, tennis courts and a newly redesigned park and recreation center are all within our boundaries in addition to two elementary schools.  We are also only a short ride to major centers, housing educational, commercial and medical facilities.  Our citizens’ association promotes stability and works to ensure that our community remains viable and in the forefront of any progress needed.  Come and take a look inside our community and see why we believe ours is the best of both worlds – a small town on the out-skirts of big cities.

Our Mission Statement:  To promote harmony and fellowship among the residents of the community, to participate in civic and school affairs; to obtain for the community its just and proper share of all state and county services and facilities, to endeavor to sustain and increase real property values; to seek the creation of suitable recreation facilities, to do all things necessary for the safeguarding and promotion of the common interests of the community, and of its members as citizens, parents, property owners and neighbors.

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